Safe House Data Center

Our Facilities


Access to the facility is secured via Proximity Cards and Biometric screening. Auxiliary doors are triple locked.


SHDC has 16 camera located inside and outside the facility. The video is recorded 24 hours per day and stored off-site

Redundant Electric

SHDC has a 250,000 Diesel Generator to provide emergency back-up power in the event of a power outage. This generator coupled with the automatic transfer switches and the individual UPS units located with in each server rack helps to assure uninterrupted power is available to your servers and network equipment. Additionally SHDC utilizes an AB Power scheme to protect against a single point of failure within the SHDC electrical circuits.

Redundant HVAC

Multiple 4 ton cooling units utilizing hot aisle/cold aisle technology

Redundant Internet

Multiple fibre optic carriers providing internet services Enterprise level Fibre Transport services

Fire Suppression

HDC utilizes an ECARO-25 fire suppression technology


SHDC utilizes APC NetShelter Server Racks throughout our facility. These racks provide additional space for routing of wires and cables. The racks are equipped with individual keys so that each cabinet can be separately locked.